Monday, November 15, 2010

Gamewright Offers Game Night for Schools

The innovative folks at Gamewright offer a program for schools to host a game night showcasing the company’s products and selling games to help raise money for school projects.

Gamewright’s Game Night web page outlines the basic points for school groups seeking to host an event: determining a date, time, and location; contacting Gamewright with details of the event and other information; recruiting volunteers; and promoting the event.

The company provides posters and flyers to help advertise the game night, and gives some basic guidelines on how to spread the word and attract attendees. Two weeks before the event Gamewright sends demo copies of the games appropriate for the event audience, plus cases of the games to sell on site. School organizations receive 50% of the proceeds for all games sold at the event. With prices ranging from $5 to $15 on a selection of engaging and entertaining games, a Gamewright game night seems like a sure bet on an enjoyable event that can help school groups raise much-needed cash.

A quick search on the web revealed several instances where school groups managed to run successful game nights as entertaining fundraising events. People are out there taking advantage of this program to introduce games to families and make some additional money for educational causes.

Those interested can contact Gamewright through their game night website. Though the information outlined there seems primarily geared toward school groups, libraries, youth groups, and other organizations might see if such an event could work for them.

Gamewright has a strong history of creating engaging, award-winning games aimed at different age groups. Their recently released Rory’s Story Cubes was named one of Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Games of the Year and a Parents’ Choice Gold award winner. Forbidden Island won a Mensa Select award for its cooperative gameplay and innovative mechanics. With prices under $20, Gamewright titles offer innovative family fun with educational value.