Friday, November 12, 2010

MACE Gaming Weekend

Every year in early November the folks at Just Us Productions host MACE, an all-gaming weekend convention in High Point, NC. If you’re within driving distance put it on your calendar.

I’m heading down this weekend to run some roleplaying game sessions, chat with con-goers, and generally reconnect with a friendly slice of the gamer population. MACE has hosted me before, so I know it’s a well-organized three days with a variety of games, from roleplaying and miniatures to board and card games. The convention attracts a crowd of game industry notables from the region who come to mingle, play, and run demos; they’re not high-powered media guests, just fellow game enthusiasts who’ve contributed to the industry and want to share their enjoyment of games with others. MACE provides a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere in which to meet them.

MACE also knows how to take care of its attendees and optimize their gaming experience. The schedule follows the usual four-hour-sessions format, with flexible exceptions for demos and shorter games. Hour-long breaks between slots allows folks to relax, browse the cozy dealers room, and grab a bite to eat. With the Grinning Goblin Snacks and Sundries providing food and drinks for purchase, gamers don’t have to go far for meals and can instead spend more quality time in games and with friends. In the past this convenient food service even carted pizza and snacks through the gaming rooms so attendees didn’t have to leave the gaming table.

MACE also includes a few events typical to most sci-fi/fantasy fan conventions: a dealers room geared toward gamers and a Saturday night charity auction benefitting the NC Zoo and Special Olympics.

It’s worth the trip to spend an enjoyable weekend playing a wide variety of games at MACE.