Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MiniatureWargaming.com Features Free Resources

MiniatureWargaming.com highlights numerous free resources for the miniature wargaming hobby -- from rules and scenarios to cardstock soldiers, terrain instructions, and painting tips -- as well as free roleplaying games and print-and-play board games.

I enjoy exploring local history where I happen to live, so I’ve recently become interested in creating some kind of miniature wargaming scenario based on a skirmish in that occurred in town. I searched the internet for a set of free basic rules for the American Civil War and stumbled upon MiniatureWargaming.com as a fantastic resource.

Daily posts offer links to free materials; check it every day to stay in touch with the hobby or use its tags or search engine to look for something in particular. My quest for Civil War rules led me to click on the appropriate listing under the “Free Wargames Rules By Category” sidebar at the top of the homepage; I browsed the 43 entries and clicked through the links to those that seemed to satisfy my requirements.

Seeking something new? Browse more than 350 pages of archived posts (at 10 posts per page means more than 3,500 items) that ensure plenty of resources and fresh ideas. Granted, over time some links have vaporized into the ether, but most remain active as free resources.

The site also sports a “minipedia” wiki, galleries, forums, and the other usual trappings of an online community, as well as a dedicated miniature wargaming search engine that focuses on the contents of more than 3,000 tabletop gaming related sites. While these help round out MiniatureWargaming.com’s overall function, it’s primary value comes from the daily posts of free materials and the subsequent archive of past posts one can browse or search.

Take some time to explore MiniatureWargaming.com, expand your view of wargaming and history, and download some excellent gaming resources.